Unique Ryder Cup Style Gold & Enamel (Players) Badge. Great Britain Union Jack Flag & USA Star & Strips Badge - See Archie Compston in his 1927 Ryder Cup Sweater & See full description & history.

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TitleUnique Ryder Cup Style Gold & Enamel (Players) Badge. Great Britain Union Jack Flag & USA Star & Strips Badge - See Archie Compston in his 1927 Ryder Cup Sweater & See full description & history.
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A beautiful gold & enamel lapel badge, wonderfully hand enamelled with gold inlay, the badge shows the flags of Britain and the United States of America, it's very simple and very artistic, it's a little dirty but in superb in unrestored original condition. It was found in an old estate collection (house clearance) in the 1990s, it was within a small box of other 'nick nacks' & small curios. The consignor was told that it was from the 1927 Ryder Cup? and it belonged to an old person who had lived there, which I now know 20 years later, think it could be. (Consignor) 'I purchased the item about 20 years ago and due to my ignorance I just thought it was the foggy memory of an old guy who had forgotten where it had come from, because he told me it was given out and worn at the 1927 Ryder Cup by UK team members. I thought wrongly that the Ryder Cup had always been a USA & European contest that started after the WW11, me not being a golf fan I had no idea of the true history until I asked 'Uncle Google' last week, at that point I learnt that these first competitions (which the British Team always seemed to loose!) only two teams played. USA & Great Britain, which makes more sense of this wonderful little pin, sadly I have no more information than that, maybe there's another one out there that I can check with'? The back of the badge is marked with what looks to be a small makers mark (unidentifiable) and also stamped '800' the grade of gold & silver, the pin has not been cleaned & is now listed exactly as it's turned up. Sold as 100% period and is correct and a genuine item. I spoke to the consignor of this superb badge, enquiring about the area of where the house clearance took place, he informed me it was in the Enfield, London. I have researched the first Ryder Cup held in 1927. Team member Charles Whitcombe played in the team he went on to live to a great age of 82, he died in 1978 in a village called Winchmore Hill which is suburb of Enfield London. I am not saying it is but just a remote possibility This is not sold as a 1927 Ryder Cup Players badge but if it turns out to be one it will be a unique piece of Ryder Cup History Whatever the case this is a high quality piece of jewellery . Team Player Archie Compston is shown wearing his 1927 Ryder Cup sweater and shows a very similar style logo. SOLD AS SEEN not as a Ryder Cup Badge

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